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|Advanced SSRF techniques
|Advanced SSRF (Server-Side Request Forgery) techniques

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Proposed topics for the next DC3158 meetings

# Topic Description By
1 Kick-off First meeting regarding Defcon & concepts Umit
2 Esoteric Web Hacking Advanced web hacking techniques Praveen
3 Network Infrastructure Hacking techniques Meeting about hacking infrastructure (breaking hardening) Sameer
4 Privilege escalations Examples of privilege escalations post exploitation Arno
5 Assembly language / ShellCode basics Dive deep into assembly code x86/x64 Hidde
6 Exploit Development Basics How to develop your own exploit Umit
7 FUD Fully undetectable malware Melvin
8 Exploit chaining attacks Advanced web hacking techniques tbd
9 Binary Injections DLL injections and hooking tbd
10 Vulnerability Analysis Fuzzing, binary instrumentation and debugging tricks tbd
11 Reversing With IDA Pro / 010 editor Melvin
12 SSRF Advanced SSRF (Server-Side Request Forgery) techniques Jordy