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On this page you can find some notes / results of meetings from this Defcon Group.
On this page you can find some notes / results of meetings from this Defcon Group.
Not all details and meetings will be shared. Feel free to join our group to get all the knowledge ;-)
== Fuzzing workshop by Melvin on June 6th 2019  ==
== Fuzzing workshop by Melvin on June 6th 2019  ==

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On this page you can find some notes / results of meetings from this Defcon Group.

Fuzzing workshop by Melvin on June 6th 2019

Melvin gave a really cool workshop about Fuzzing, including exercises with use of the tool AFL (http://lcamtuf.coredump.cx/afl/)

Kick-off October 12th 2018

Friday October 12 we had our first DC3158 meeting at the NHL.

We talked about the following subjects.

  • Purpose of the group
  • Topics
  • Ideas / Side projects
    • Hacking (including red teaming) for charity
    • Participating in Hacklab.frl
    • Setup a physical Lab

We also started with some knowledge sharing. Praveen presented a nice example about Attack chaining:

Notes of the meeting:

  • We did rounds:
    • M K : Expects offensive security : wants to know more about hardware exploitation / exploitation
    • A M: Dev Engineer, ING, has strong security interest : wants to share knowledge.
    • A K: Worked at security team ING : wants to learn more about security stuff
    • K M: Works at E11 in Heerenveen, forensic tech, PTs, red teaming : Expects knowledge, share his own expertise.
    • H W: ING security guy, PT's on APIs etc. : wants to get to know more people
    • J D: Security guy, known guy from the group. Background in infrastucture, web, mobile : expects people to share their own knowledge.
    • E F : Student NHL. Intern at E11. Wants to know more about Software Defined Radio. Expects to learn from each other, telling stories.
    • P KSM: ING security team, we do web api pentests. Expects sharing and having a good time.
    • TvdB: Works for Yacht as security consultant. Expects meetings people
    • U A : Wants to set a cybersecurity group in the North, to connect people. Expects to bring a lot of people together. From there, to participate in community efforts and give back to the community. Learn from other people's research and learn new things.
  • M K would like to organise sessions where people tell about problems they have had and things they were stuck on.
  • T vd B would like to put a mailing list or put it on the wiki.
  • M K suggests the MATRIX protocol to share information.
  • U A explained what we as a group want to do.
    • We do real red teams for businesses
    • We want to get our own location and lab to do research.
    • This means doing contributions.
  • K M wants to know about liabilities,
    • U A explains that we will make NDA's. We will discuss with companies about what we are going to do. We will help solve problems
    • H W explained that we will get a KvK, so we can get a "get out of jail free card"
  • As a group want to go CCC.
    • [ Redacted ]
  • T vd B says that we are welcome at Frack to host a meeting there.
  • We had a talk about our cooperation with Frack
  • 1520-1540 coffee break
  • P KSM did a presentation about client side exploitation and chaining.