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Wiki Defcon 3158

Welcome to the Defcon 3158 (058 = Leeuwarden) Wiki!

This Defcon group ( is launched by passionate local security specialists / (white hat) hackers.

We gather monthly, to discuss new methodologies and ideas and show PoC's.

There is a list of proposed topics for the next months. Any input about (new) cool stuff, is always welcome!

Our interests include: Exploitation Development, Offensive Security, Security Automation, IoT Security.


Check out the Events Calendar for all DC3158 and other InfoSec events.

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If you missed a Dc3158 meeting check Meetings for the notes (we don't publish everything, so please attend to get to know the real cool stuff)

The next meeting is on Sunday, February 23th and powered by: COOKIES online marketing Zwolle

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