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As of last week, Frack told us the presale vouchers are no longer valid. So no 35c3 for us! Unless you got your ticket yourself. There wasn't that much interest anyway though. Original information below for archival purposes.

Original Article

Some of us from dc3158 want to visit 35c3, the 35th Chaos Communication Congress. This is one of the largest hacking congresses in the world. It will be held from 27 to 30 december 2018 at the Leipzig exhibition grounds in Leipzig. There will be tonnes of talks about hacking, art, digital rights, security, etc. There will also be assemblies. These are areas full of interesting stuff to explore, and people to meet.


The 35c3 is currently in ticket presale phase. In this phase, we need a voucher to get a ticket. We can get a voucher from Frack and use it to get any number of tickets as needed, until the presale tickets are sold out. Note that after the "presale", the tickets are usually sold out so quickly it's almost impossible to get them.

To Do

Things we need to arrange to go to 35c3:

  • receive the voucher from Frack - Tanaka (talk)
  • place to stay in or around Leipzig (this is selling out super fast)
  • transport to Leipzig (carpool with multiple cars?)
  • get presale tickets for everyone who wants to join



  • Standard (below cost price): €140
  • Basic supporter: €160
  • Basic business (if your company pays): €470
  • More options, check the site.

Included in the ticket is a public transportation ticket for all of Leipzig.

Full details at the 35c3 ticket shop

Place to stay:

Checking out booking.com it can be around €200 to €300 per person for a few shared rooms from 26 december to 1 january. Gets more expensive the longer we wait. Might be some good deals.

Rooms alone are much more expensive, there's still some for €400-€600 though, see booking.com.

Above prices are for the entire time of 26 december to 1 january.


If you're interested in going with us, add yourself to the list below (if you don't want yourself public, use an alias or contact us on Whatsapp).